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We buildt software to invest in the future

Farewell 🚀

For over 4 years, Trioxis has been building software to invest in the future and we’re incredibly proud of all we’ve managed to accomplish.

We’ve developed and maintained the IT infrastructure of one of Australia’s largest recruitment agencies, helped guide startups and small business owners looking to expand online and built numerous high bandwidth, scalable, cloud solutions. That’s just scraping the surface of our git repositories.

Along the way we created a great team that builds great products all while holding true to our core values, placing an emphasis on training and personal development.

But all great things must come to an end. The time has come to move on, to take what we’ve learnt at here to new teams, new projects and new opportunities. Thank you to everyone who made this incredible company possible and best of luck to whatever the future holds.

Trioxis Alumni

  • Jack Davis
  • Ray Ng
  • Sputnik Antolovich
  • Chetan Sahai
  • Sam Collis-Bird
  • Ryan Park
  • Sherwesh Bajracharya
  • Nick Barnett
  • Faye Flevaris
  • Sophie Briede
  • Jajwol Bajracharya
  • Rob Hung
  • Marlon Dimaano
  • Nishanth Sridhara

Special Thanks

  • Fishburners
  • MPM Accounting
  • Inventor Engineering
  • Allen Legal
  • Rimon Advisory
  • Premonition